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Sterling Silver Chains
Silver has been a highly prized metal since at least the time of the Ancient Egyptians and continues to be highly valued today, even in the new millennium. The creation of silver chains as a form of adornment goes back centuries and a great deal of mystery surrounds this craft and where it first got its start. The Etruscans, Sumerians and Egyptians were all skilled at making beautiful chains and this ancient skill was honed centuries ago by the Greeks and Romans in their workshops of antiquity. The creation of jewelry chains continues right up until the present day and silver necklace chain sales are as popular as ever. Examples of beautifully made chain necklaces have been discovered at European archaeological sites, dating from the bronze age, and the lovely works are generally attributed to ancient Roman and Celtic craftsmen.

Today, silver chains are precision made, long-wearing and highly affordable. Once only worn by the very wealthy or by ancient rulers, silver is now a luxury that any person can afford. Silver necklace chain can be purchased by the linear foot and is available in many different styles and weights. House of Gems offers Sterling Silver chains that are 92.5% silver; alloyed with a small percentage of copper, to provide strong, long-wearing and beautiful chains.

Up until a few centuries ago, only a few styles of gold and silver chains were created; produced using extremely laborious hand soldering methods, or other time consuming processes that entailed the weaving of metal wire, which was the process used to create Viking Chain. In the Twentieth century, silver chain design was explored as a highly developed craft and many imaginative and fantastic styles have been artfully created from the Victorian era right up until the “mod” styles of 1970's jewelers. Designs from this period ranged from extremely fine and barely visible chains, to chunky and elaborate creations in boxy or organic forms. The delicate chains were embraced by the Victorians, while larger and more architecturally inspired chains were reminiscent of the paintings of Mondrian or the fantastical mobiles made famous by Alexander Calder, and were popular in the later half of the century.

Silver chains never go out of style and are the perfect way to showcase a special jewel, gem or keepsake. They also make wonderful presents that can be passed down from generation to generation, as a family heirloom. A focal element on a silver chain necklace can easily be switched out if one tires of it, by simply attaching a different pendant, a lovely bead, or a special memento. One can look fashionable all year long by layering an assortment of styles of chains or by creating special chokers or necklaces in various lengths. A particularly sophisticated look can be attained by pairing silver chains with Turquoise, Aquamarine, Chrysocolla, Swarovski crystal and other beds and semi-precious stones in the blue-green color palette.

Rope chains are especially beautiful as well, and they are as popular today as they were during their debut years in the 1980's. As vintage and retro fashions are all the rage now, rope chains are an especially good pick for creating that Madonna era look, with this especially durable chain style. Box chains, similarly, are very elegant and modern looking no matter the decade they happen to adorn you. Stunning and minimalist in design simplicity, box chains never go out of fashion and are a real head-turner when augmented with some fabulous focal beads.

An “anything goes” mix and match approach is popular within the jewelry industry currently, and as a crafter, hobbyist, or niche business person, you are offered carte blanche in creating trend-setting necklace creations as simple or elaborate as you desire. Whether or not you use antique or retro finds, add sculptural elements to your necklaces, or prefer the color and texture of wonderful bead additions, House of Gems offers a great selection of silver chains. Here you can pick your favorite necklace lengths and create a unique style, define a new jewelry trend, or create fabulous new looks – consider House of Gems your Bead and Chain source!

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