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Quartz gemstones Family has been acclaimed as one of the excellent gemstone group In Jewelry Industry. Certain historical facts acclaim that the name quartz has been taken from the Saxon word querkluftertz means, “a cross vein ore” which later was diminished to querertz. Slavic however, called this gemstone as Kwardy or “hard”. But Greeks deemed this gemstone as ice as according to them, quartz crystal was fossilized ice.


There are two types of Quartz viz., macrocrystalline and microcrystalline or cryptocrystalline? In the first category quartz like aventurine, amethyst, citrine, tiger-eye, hawks-eye etc come. In this category you can see the crystals with your eyes in real time. The second category of cryptocrystalline includes chalcedony and contains microscopically tiny crystals and quartz. This category includes gemstones like Agate, opals, Chert, Chrysoprase, Flint, and jasper. This type of crystal is waxy and translucent and does not look like its counterpart as clear and glassy.


Earth crust contains 12 percent of quartz gemstone, usage of Quartz beads can be traced back since Middle Ages and Romans too were using its crystal balls for a long time. With the finding of quartz from French and Austrian Alps, it reveals that this gemstone was being used since 1800s. In the past Quartz was being utilized in totality as they were being placed along with the dead bodies. Various cultures were following this tradition.

Quartz deposits have also been found from various parts of the globe like Ontario (Canada), Madagascar, Brazil and the United States. No matter where the quartz beads are found, the real pleasure comes in getting a quartz beads necklace. However, coming out with a fabulous necklace or pendant out of this bead require some serious work and some drilling as well. It needs only your imagination to give some innovative shape to natural and polished quartz beads to make a final product like pendant or necklace containing different beautiful gemstones. But you should be aware of the fact that in their natural state Quartz crystals showcase their rough look while treated or polished quartz beads look more amazing. Check it yourself!

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