Ribbed Disk Ashanti Beads 6-8mm 3 Pc Bag-Brass

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These Unique Globed Shaped Tabular Brass Beads Were Hand Crafted and Because of This, No Two Brass Beads Are The Same. The Approximation on Outer Diameter Ranges From 6mm to 8mm and Hole Size 2mm-2.5mm (Diameter and Hole Size May be Slightly Larger or Smaller) . Ghanian Craftsmen Still Use A Traditional Technique Called "Lost-Wax Gravity" to Produce These Beads. The Distinguishing Aspect of The Ashante Process is That it is “Closed-Circuit." Most Lost-Wax Casting is Done by Pouring Hot Metal Into a Clay Mold, Therefore Expect To See Some Minor Dents or a Missing Section. Price is 3 Beads Per Bag.

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