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Jewelry Findings
Jewelry findings are, of course, an integral component of most pieces of jewelry created today. This is because without the necessary chain or bead connecting elements, one has only a length of chain or a loose string of beads! Choosing the right jewelry findings for a bead project can become more than just a necessary element of function; it can also be an important design element in a great finished piece.

The glint of attractive metal bead caps used within a necklace or bracelet can help to accentuate lovely beads in an especially pretty way, and can add a special element of interest to your end product. Multiple strand necklaces look wonderful when matching clam shell fittings are used to affix the strands to an attractive clasp. The proper use of the right jewelry findings creates a professional touch that sets apart a necklace or bracelet from more basic creations, as a quality item with lasting appeal. Some clever designers have found new ways to add interest to necklace findings. In a new trend, a silver or gold toggle clasp can be used as a pendant to be worn at the front of a necklace, with just the addition of a single charm or fantastic gemstone to add additional flare.

Picking the right gauge of wire for a project, selecting the appropriate size and weight of crimp beads, and choosing jump rings of an applicable size for the task, can make or break the wearability of a completed jewelry item. It's always a good practice to pay a little bit extra for quality jewelry findings because, after putting time and care into a project, it will last for years to come. For the craftsperson creating for a small business venture, the use of quality findings in beadwork projects will add extra saleability to new designs.

House of Gems stocks a range of wholesale jewelry findings that are guaranteed to be the perfect compliment to a wide array of projects. Our great selection of Lobster clasps will tie your chosen bead or chain elements together nicely, and make your treasures easy to put on or remove. The elegant gold pendant bails offered online, make it easy to showcase a spectacular stone or an incredible lampworked bead. Here you can find elusive fancy copper hooks that will beautifully set off your retro-inspired creations. Classically-created Shepherd's hooks in silver, gold, copper and brass, are also available to suit any color, texture, or style of bead. Incidentally, the Shepherd's hook clasp represents the continuation of an ancient jewelry hook design; one that has been successfully used since at least the time of the Ancient Sumerians.

Fancy box clasps can add an element of sophistication to fabulous layerings of pearls, glass beads and semi-precious stones alike. Additionally, many House of Gems clasps are lacquered as a protective measure to prevent tarnishing; plus, our nice selection of eye and head pins makes it easy to create hanging and draped bead elements or long metal chains of eye-catching beads. All-in-all our findings resource pages offer indispensable components that can provide the necessary finishing touches to your  jewelry masterpieces.

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