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Gold Filled Beads
Nothing beats the glamor and allure of gold and it has been the premier metal of adornment for centuries. Highly ductile and malleable, it has been the top precious metal pick of jewelers for eons. The beauty of this warm-toned metal is unmatched by any other in existence, and gold filled beads are the perfect choice as a pairing with fine gemstone beads or high quality semi-precious stones. A nice variety of surface textures are on offer in gold as well, and there are styles to complement whatever other beads one intends to string them with.

Gold filled Roundel Stardust beads are exquisite between angular or spherical gems alike, and are especially beautiful next to Carnelian, Emerald and Lapis Lazuli beads. Coincidentally, Lapis and gold bead necklaces have been found at archaeological sites that date from the 3rd millennium BC and these ancient finds were composed of bi-conical, spherical and disk shaped elements, much like the components still used in today's creations. With the bead offerings found at House of Gems, a jewelry designer or enthusiast can regain some of splendor of past ages without having to employ a goldsmith, gem-cutter, or glass artisan to create stunning adornment.

Gold Filled Rice beads on the other hand, lend spectacular warmth and style to jewelry, especially when spaced between roundish Vesonite, Prunite, and Hessonite stones. Saucer Beads are a shape carried forward from the bead styles of the ancients, notably the Egyptians, and they are just as gorgeous today in luster and feel, as the first gold beads created centuries ago. When strung in strands, or when spaced between the flashy violet and gold hues of Ametrine oval beads, gold filled beads in the saucer shape are unparalleled.

Corrugated metal jewelry components have been made for several decades at least, but are now offered in a quality gold-filled option, and they look beautiful sandwiched between playful glass or organic shapes - whether they be stone, glass, or vividly colored pearls. Fancy gold filled beads produced in a double donut shape, make lovely spacers to hold together strings of tubular beads, and are especially elegant when used with blue teardrop Iolite stones or long ceramic rectangle beads.

House of Gems can provide the jewelry designer or crafts-person a nice selection of quality gold filled beads to bring adorable bracelet, necklace, and earring creations to life. Designs will stand the test of time when using these upscale beads that won't corrode, tarnish, or discolor over the years. Best of all, gold filled beads are an economical choice for those of us who want the gold look without the high cost of high carat gold. Brass is generally used as the base metal for gold filled components and gold is regulated to be an industry standard 1/20th of the total weight of the metal. The wholesale gold filled beads offered by House of Gems maintains this gold-regulated standard, and offers the bead worker a step up in quality from gold plated beads.

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