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Every color used in gemstone beads portrays a new story or has some association with the environs or amid an ancient personality from where it is found, excluding those gems which are not natural but treated manually. Chrysoprase beads are which is often mistaken for Imperial jadeite beads, for example contains an awesome opalescent apple green color which is not widely available. It is believed that the color of this gemstone might have been named due to this color’s similarities with the vegetable. Looking back to the history of this gemstone, we come to know that this awesome chrysoprase gemstone was discovered around 23 A.D. and was mined commercially in 1740. Historical facts indicate that the name of Chrysoprase is derived from the Greek words chrysos implying “gold” and prason, meaning “leek”.

Ancient scriptures highlight that Greeks, Romans and Egyptians were using this chrysoprase beads in different ornamental objects and jewelry along with lapis lazuli. This gemstone’s mention has been made even in Holy Bible (Revelations 21:19). Chrysoprase was one of the twelve gemstones which found its place in the foundations of the city walls of Jerusalem. The gem, in fact was the symbol of the Apostle St. Thaddeus as well.

During ancient time, chrysoprase gemstone was also identified as a “victory stone”, and Alexander the Great also utilized this until, a snake bit him.

This gemstone was also admired during the 14th century, when it was used by Holy Roman Emperor Charles IV, to decorate chapels like Saint Wenceslas in Prague and other noteworthy chapels. Frederick the Great of Prussia including Queen Anne of England also applauded chrysoprase for its rare beauty. Frederick the Great, used this gemstone for creating various items including two big tables made exclusively from this chrysoprase.  Even today on a trip to Prague, you will find the use of this gemstone in different murals. History divulges that this gem was also mined in various countries including Madagascar, Urals region of Russia, New South Wales in Australia, Tanzania, South Africa, California and Arizona in the United States, Brazil etc. Above all you will find that illustrious deposits of chrysoprase were originated in Poland’s Frankenstein Upper Silesia.

Did you know that during 18th century thieves used chrysoprase beads with the intention that it will make them invisible if they keep the peril in their mouth? Lastly, this gemstone was one of the favorite gemstones of Queen Ann’s also.

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Diamond shape Faceted chrysoprase beads  Mined In  Australia, 12x12 mm. Diamond shaped faceted chrysoprase beads of size 12x12mm is ideal to make pendants and finger rings. Price per 16 Inch Strand.

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Natural Chrysoprase beads faceted diamond shaped bead is approximately 15x15mm. These beautiful apple green beads are ideal to make earrings and pendants. Encrusted in yellow gold or sterling silver it makes a unique piece of jewelry. Price Per 16 Inch Strand.

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