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Every gemstone has its own unique story, which every wearer of the selected wants to know due to his/her curiosity about that particular gem. A wearer gets delighted to know how ancients were using that particular gem or how humanity discovered that gem, and they feel proud of this fact. Talking about bronzite gemstone, which Geologist identify as an amalgamation of hypersthene and enstatite comes out from igneous rocks.  Basically bronzite do not contain exclusive brown color, but contains hue like gold, green, brown and black.  One of the best gems in this category is rough which showcases a cat’s eye effect and is acknowledged as chatoyancy.

Why bronzite got its name is no secret most probably it got its name due to its bronze like appearance? According to legends associated with this gemstone, bronzite got its name from the Greek word “resistor”. Anyone can find this gem after having a look at the awesome chocolate brown colored gem which include golden swirls in it. Due to its late entry into the jewelry circles, it was just a collector’s choice, but suddenly its popularity has started growing.

According to various scriptures, ancient Romans were using beads of bronzite gemstone for protection against confusion and mental illness by grinding it and taking a powder from it. In their opinion bronzite relieves any confusion in their work. The gemstone was used during various wars when Roman soldiers used bronzite beads for keeping alert, controlling nervousness and confusion on their way to battlefield. They also wore this gem as an amulet. Romans and Greeks had high regard for this stone and used to keep it in the form of a decorative material also.  Sometime Romans call this gem a “Stone of focused Action” and “Stone of Courtesy”.

If you have read Old Testament, you can find in the Holy Scripture where Bronze has been considered as an ancient alloy. It has been used in fabrication of temple vessels and other substances like gold and silver is being used. Bronzite cutting has also been found in mountains of Fichtelgebirge northeastern Bavaria, Germany. This gem has also been found in the mining city of Leoben in Central Austria, but presently mining in these cities has been stopped completely.

Now-a-days people can use brozite mineral with sub-metallic luster, where it is necessary to uphold courtesy during great difficult levels like hotels and airlines job. A majority of people today think that you can get the purest form of gemstone Bronzite beads from only Brazil or its Brazil make available in your country.

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Natural bronzite beads, twisted smooth oval shape are of size 30x40mm. It showcases the various shades of brown and has a glow towards the edges. Ideal for making pendants and chokers. Sold By Piece. Price Per Piece.

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Natural bronzite Beads smooth rectangle are of size 15x20mm. These smooth edged earth colored beads would make ideal pendants. Encrusted in sterling silver it brings out the vibrant colors of the gemstone. Price Per 16 Inch Strand.

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$12.07 $10.97 $10.45 $9.95   As low as  $9.95 Per Strand