African Recycled Glass Fused Beads - White & Black 8.5-9.5mm 20 IN Strand

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Coming From Ghana, Africa, These Handmade Beads Are Made From Glass Materials, Heated, And Melted In A Mold to Form Their Shape. These Smaller Fused Beads Are About 8.5 to 9.5 mm In Outer Diameter. Molds Are Made By Hand So Some Beads Can Be Smaller Or Wider Based On This Factor. Length Of Each Bead Depends On How Much Glass Is Placed into Each Individual Slot On The Mold. Holes Are Made By Hand Which Ranges from 2-3 mm But Can Vary. Strand Length Around 20 Inches All Around And Approximately 60 Beads Per Strand. Price Per 1 Strand.

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