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Natural Beads: The New Style Statement
Change is the only thing that is constant in fashion. Beads are one of the most common and versatile decorative accessories used by humans since time immemorial. Undoubtedly, beads have been incorporated extensively in jewelries for attractive artistic presentation. If you are planning to add a zing of color and brightness to your jewelry project, the best and most inexpensive option continues to be beads. Extremely diverse in coordination of different tints, various makes, and numerous types – beads, and distinctively natural beads, are one of the most interesting choices for fashion conscious people around the world. If you are looking for exquisite natural beads with minimal human interference, come to us at House of Gems. We offer an exciting range of most beautifully designed beads with simulated life-like shades or materials that help in enhancing the creation’s look and durability.

At House of Gems, we are dedicated to provide only the finest and unadulterated natural beads created out of natural materials such as wood, bones, clay, and horn. You will be surprised to know that the collection is extensive and varied and includes elegant Indonesian lacquer beads. The greatest part about our jewelry service is affordability. When you are searching for the best natural beads on a budget, our wholesale prices offer the finest choice. And if you want to carve a completely different design for your jewelry, we will be more than happy to cooperate through our personalized service where you can decide, design, and own a marvelous piece without any fuss.

Let’s start the exploration of the natural beads’ enormous assortment at House of Gems with the Bone Beads. This natural selection of beads can be incorporated in your jewelry with exclusive designs like roundel shape, saucer shape, or smooth round shape or squares – whichever shape will perfectly complement your style sensibilities and particular jewelry requirements. Move on from the bone beads to the wood beads of innumerable colors, sizes, and selections. From dried yellowish brown barrel shaped beads, dark brown disk shaped design, to red, and beige – the tints, shapes, and sizes will keep you craving for more.
Indonesian lacquer beads constitute one of the most interesting and important parts of natural beads. Exclusively hand crafted, the surfaces of each bead are crafted to excellence and adorned with several materials. These inexpensive beads, when combined with the right gemstones or metals, look luxurious and classic. Buy the best natural beads at House of Gems at a low discounted price today!

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