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You are aware that with the passage of time copper beads particularly those with a metal base or which are plated or coated often start getting smeared, due to various factors or chemical reactions in them. For example, we know that Copper, the metal has always been in use in jewelry items since long, it has been known as a malleable metallic element which acts as a good conductor of electricity and heat. When jewelry smiths polish this metal it showcases a rare shine, brightness or luster. It is due to this fact that it is often sold in the jewelry market as a dazzling or antique based ornament. Thus, in copper beads you may stumble on various elaborate designs which look awesome when used along with other jewelry items.

 Every jewelry craft person knows the secret as to how you can achieve shininess in copper beads or other copper based beads such as antique. Brightness in copper could be retained when a thin, mostly an invisible, coating of clear lacquer is done, this helps in preserving the bright appearance. But as time passed by lacquer slowly start wearing off and copper on the other hand looks erstwhile.

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