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It always happens, when you wear a particular necklace, pendant, ring or earring and later discovers that none of them suits with the attire you are wearing. You look out for rare gems and jewelry which showcase their mettle through their shiny luster. If you are looking for a gems or beads with shades like deep blue, red intertwine and gold which produce fabulous fibrous color band then it is none other than pietersite beads. This gemstone was initially discovered in Nambia and of late in China, thus was named after its discoverer Sid Pieters, who came across this gemstone in 1962 in a farm land located in Namibia. However, this discovery was published/got recognition in 1964.

If you are jewelry collector you would have come across various shades of Pietersite beads like mixture of gold, blue, brown, black, grey etc. These beads in reality are a form of oxide quartz which contains beautiful swirling colors of gold, mottled, deep midnight blue. When this powerful semiprecious gemstone is embedded in jewelry you can instantly judge its shimmering quality which is called chatoyancy.

There are some historical facts available which promulgate that this gemstone is sometime called tempest stone or eagle’s eye, because it consist of tiger eye type material which contain fibrous bands.

Pietersite beads can easily be fitted in different type of jewelry. However, all that is required on your part is an innovative type of visualization on the part of jewelry crafters. For example, if you wish to include Pietersite round beads in a 22 gauge sterling silver round you have to choose 6mm pictersite round beads. The necklace or bracelet will look awesome when it is included with other gemstone or beads.


When we talk about these beads, at times reference has also been made about pietersite beads from China. This bead from China was discovered in 1993 but it came to market only in 1997. But you might notice that original pietersite beads are slightly different from Chinese pietersite beads as far as its shades are concerned. The Chinese beads contain hues of red, gold and blue or deep golden brown color, while the original pietersite beads contain “fibrous bands” depicting gold, blue and red type of fibers in quartz. It’s a sort of bold paint strokes which exist in many directions. However, when fitted in jewelry you can really appreciate the nature of this bead. Just go and buy these beads.



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16 Inch strand Natural Pietersite beads. Each smooth diamond shape bead is approximately 12x12mm
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