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Jewelry Chain
Having a variety of jewelry chains on hand for use with pendants, crystals, gemstones, pearls and other necessary elements of bling is always a good idea, whether you are a jewelry designer or an advanced crafting professional. Today, wonderful necklace and bracelet designs are being produced using a mix and match approach, in terms of metal types, chain styles, and chain weights. This combination of various lengths and styles of chain is a hot item in the fashion accessory world and is a big hit with garment designers as well. Designs featuring masses of chains mixed with fabulous groupings of faceted beads, beautiful briolette drops, or stunning metal bead elements, look tremendous and are top sellers.

Many artisans have taken up the ancient Japanese art of chainmaille, and have incorporated antique jump ring weaves into their jewelry designs, to good effect. To think that metal patterns that once graced the Shogun warriors of Japan's mysterious past can find new life in modern chain designs, is an  exciting design development. This willingness to experiment on the part of jewelry makers has shown us that silver jewelry chain lengths can be mixed with silver jump rings to fashion fabulous new patterns. Another popular item of adornment is created when pieces of fine jewelry chain are grouped together to form flowing tassels. These metal tassels are a wonderful look, whether they are suspended from a stunning bead, left as a singular element suspended from a necklace, or used as the main element in earring designs.

Antique looks can also be achieved using antique copper and brass chains; both of which are available as bulk chain for jewelry making. Mix up antique chain styles with some great beads, or pair them up with heirloom watch finds to create a new watch fob or nifty vintage pendant. What a great homage to our grandparents!  While retro looks are great fun to put together, textured bar chains go great with drop beads like crystals and gemstones. The connecting loops between the bars in the chain make it easy to attach gorgeous beads for wonderful draped looks.

Swage chain is another style that is particularly attractive, surprisingly durable, and which even fits nicely through some large-holed beads. Swage chain is an especially good choice for highlighting a single fantastic art bead, or a variety of beautiful large-holed beads, by simply slipping them over this appealing chain style and attaching a clasp. Another great choice is the open loop platinum color chain, available with very large loops. The ample-sized links are perfect when one wants to weave through strands of pearls, contrasting chain, or fabric, for an exotic and richly textured look. The open loop chains are a wonderfully versatile choice for a multitude of jewelry projects.

Black colored chains nicely offset beads in trend-setting black and white and are also useful for Steampunk, Gothic and Rivethead looks. Any sort of conceived style meant to create an intense visual impact will benefit from the use of black colored chain. Meanwhile, a nice assortment of romantic fashions can be fabricated using the wonderful heart shaped chains, available here, in sterling silver. Craft an extra special gift for a friend or loved one, or mark an important anniversary in your own funky and casual style, with this great heart chain. House of Gems offers these choices of chain styles and more, and we are always looking to add new jewelry chains to our inventory of styles. In fact, whenever you require bulk chain for jewelry, beautiful beads, or great findings - for your one-of-a-kind creations - House of Gems is the online wholesaler of choice!
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