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Withoutbgemstones any jewelry depict amazing designs? All gemstone beads have lasting role to play in enhancing its value. Accordingly every bead has some special characteristics to boast off. Almost every gemstone has its unique historical facts, which illustrate their usage in contemporary jewelry be it earrings, pendants or necklace. Of all the available, Jasper beads, which has dull luster, is yet another marvel, which had its roots in Greece. That’s why its Greek name is “Jaspis” which means “Spotted Stone”. This bead has amazing looks which is able to bring a ‘Wow’ factor in jewelry arena.


Jasper in fact is semi-precious gemstone, which contains a red shade, but if you see around Jasper comes in almost every shade and contain different members in its family. For example, when you look at Jasper beads you can imagine the contours or shades in it forming wide array of themes like it could be beautiful canyons, landscapes, blue-skied deserts etc. These types of jasper beads are the example of picture jasper which belong to the states of Oregon and Idaho in Western USA. While landscape jasper beads are one of the popular type of beads which are admired by one and all. Jasper literally is mined in France, India, North Africa, Germany, Venezuela and USA.

Jasper has been mentioned in various historical records. You can come across its mention in the Old Testament (Exodus, XXVIII 15-30) where you will find that jasper was as one of the twelve stones which represent twelve tribes which had found its place in the breastplate belonging to the High Priest.


Jasper beads were also liked by Greeks and Romans and there are historical facts available which suggests that this stone was being used in various vessels. Egyptians engraved scarabs from this jasper gemstone .


Jewelry craft persons can come out with rare designs of different pendants, earrings and necklaces by using diverse types of jasper gemstone beads to come out with an awesome product. For example, you can use red jasper beads in a necklace by mixing it with white quartz. You can also embed more gemstones in it like Citrine, Garnet and Amethyst so as to offer wide variety, thus enhancing its beauty. You can also carve quartz gemstones like jasper, jade and agate via hand carving, which will produce rem

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