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The term jade also includes other form like jadeite and nephrite. Historical facts affirm that Jade beads and jadeite are being used since prehistoric times in china. In fact their existence prevails in China for the last 5000 years. At that time Chinese acclaimed the word “Jade” to express something expensive. They usually call jade beads as “the stone of heaven” and consider it as a symbol of purity. Chinese Jade makes it way to the west in 16th century when it was brought from Canton by the Portuguese. Jewelry made out from jade continue to be deemed as stunning for various reasons because since jade beads have been considered as “dream stones”. These are semi-precious stones from which other amazing gemstones like coral, agate, turquoise, tiger eye beads have been discovered.


 Of all the interesting category of jade, one of its precious form include imperial jade which has emerald green shade from Myanmar, while you can come across a leek green variety which is known as “Russian Jade”, which can be found around Lake Baikal in Russia.


 Besides green jade beads other shades include mottled green, rare yellow, purple, pink, white and black. You can find different shades of necklaces, earrings and pendants made out of jade, which you can choose according to your personality along with your favorite color.


But how did you know that you are wearing a best jade beads necklace?  The finest jade appears as a waxy and pearly. It’s smooth and soft when touched. A majority of jade you find in the market is treated, but dyeing can’t be said to be a permanent treatment. Heat treatment could be meted out to lighten the hue of jade beads.


 In order to provide a classic look, jade beads are cut so as to form a soft dome shapes which are known as cabochons. You can come across jade beads from several other countries like Mexico, Korea, Central and South America, Guatemala and the Olmec.


 In Korea Jade was being used since 57 B.C. in ornaments and beads. There are references available which depict that jade beads were used for decoration on crowns and found its place in earrings, bracelets, rings and necklaces at that time.


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