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Brass Jewelry Chains - A Little Short of Gold

A brass jewelry chain can impart to you an elegant and trendy look, for it is quite unlike other pieces of traditional jewelry. These chains come in a wide array of designs and styles to choose from so that you can buy one that exactly matches your mood or personality. A brass chain is the result of the combined labors of imaginative designers and skilled craftsmen. A good jeweler combines the latest in international jewelry trends with customer requirements when designing brass chains.

Beautiful eye-catching designs and patterns compel people, especially women, to adorn them with great enthusiasm. These are created by engraving, electro-plating, enameling, etching or embossing. Brass jewelry chains look equally good on western as well as traditional Indian apparel. To enhance the beauty of brass chains, they are studded with beads or other precious gemstones. Brass is a metal which is quite easy to work upon and various designs are given to it to enhance the personality of the wearer, even more.

Brass is essentially an alloy of zinc and copper and is commonly used for producing objects of art as well as musical instruments. However, the unique metal is highly cherished for its aesthetic appeal so is commonly used for crafting jewelry; for the simple reason that, like copper, it does not tarnish. Although brass is not as expensive as silver or gold, it nevertheless has a subdued golden yellow color quite akin to gold and this fact has brought about an enhanced popularity for brass jewelry chains.

Uses of Brass Chains

Brass is widely used for handcrafting jewelry chains for bracelets, necklaces, pendants and is increasingly being made use of to produce contemporary designs together with glass and beads. Although brass is generally associated with a 'vintage' look, that perception is slowly giving way to acquiring a standing of being modern.

Advantages of Brass Jewelry

Since brass never gets tarnished like most other metals, taking care of them does not entail much effort. This characteristic has made it extensively useful in the manufacture of contemporary fashion jewelry. Although, brass does not glitter like gold, more luster can be imparted to brass jewelry chains, making them look as if they are crafted from real gold, by pursuing a few very simple steps.

Caring for Brass Jewelry Chains

First of all, wash your brass chain in hot water with a little soap powder added. If there are stains or you want to add luster to your brass chain wash it with some lemon juice and wipe it dry with a soft towel.

With all the above-mentioned advantages to the metal’s credit, brass jewelry chains have become immensely popular and are worn either as a designer copper chain or an antique ornament, the choice is entirely yours.

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