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The crown jewel of England is the one worn by the queen of the United Kingdom during coronation ceremonies and various other official state functions. It’s known that present queen Elizabeth II was not very fond of jewels at the beginning of her royalty, however later she had grown interest in expensive dresses and jewelry, in fact she had so much jewelry and a gemstones collection that she keeps them in a room created for her jewelry only. The room was protected and built on the Buckingham Palace 40 feet below the ground level.

Queen Elizabeth II had a passion for pearls. One of the highly regarded collections of England’s royalty in Timur Ruby which weighs more than 350 carats is not a Ruby it is spinal. Back then every red gem considered as a ruby. This particular so-called ruby had several owners including Indian Mughal Emperor.

Her jewelry collection includes fine Emeralds, Sapphires and Diamonds, most of the queen’s jewelry was given as a gift to her the collection is worth approximately $60 million of US dollars.


Elizabeth Taylor maybe has the most expensive jewelry collection after the royalties. She has the most famous Taylor-Burton diamond which weights 69.42 carats. She is famous for having diamonds. Even her perfume brand was named after diamonds; she owns a diamond which was originally given as a gift to Mumtaz by her husband the famous Mughal Emperor Shah Jahan who later built Taj Mahal, India’s most famous architectural wonder in honor to his wife. The history of this diamond goes back to the 16th century. Elizabeth Taylor also owns a 33.19 carat Krupp diamond.

Her collection also includes ruby ear rings, emerald necklace, spectacular pearls sets and much more. But Elizabeth Taylor always considered as a diamond person which she may not disagree with.


She loves jewelry, her famous husbands knows it. They gave most admiring jewelry as gifts to her. When she married Aristotle Onassis, the famous bride got $5 million dollars worth of jewelry. Her engagement ring known as Onassis was auctioned for $2.6 million dollars. President Kennedy purchased a Kunzite ring as a gift to Jacqueline but never had a chance to give to her. This was auctioned for more the $400,000. Her collection includes semi-precious stones like Amethyst and Tourmaline.

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