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Metal Beads
It's impossible to deny that humanity took a gigantic developmental step forward when they discovered metallurgy during the 4th millennium BCE, the start of the Bronze Age. It was likely that this huge leap began with simple copper beads; copper is extremely abundant in the Earth's crust, and quite malleable on its own. Entranced by the bright color and flashy sparkle of this mineral, it's not surprising that humans began mining for other ores, mixing them together, and developing more complex metal objects—including, of course, more metal beads.

Throughout ancient and modern history, metal beads for jewelry making have not lost their appeal, nor their value. The process of making beads can be very simple or incredibly complex — from basic sterling silver separator beads to the lacy filigree gold filled beads of the Etruscan masters. Whatever style you've chosen for your project, it's almost assured that metal beads will add sparkle, dimension, and shine.

House of Gems offers an incredible variety of metal products to suit all sorts of different jewelry-making ventures. Go for a classic look with some base metal beads or small gold spacers, or add some flair with handmade silver plated stardust beads. Our sterling silver charms make incredible pendants, and some are fashioned in the style of the Karen Tribe from northern Thailand.

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