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Jewelry making and the art of working with beads has been around for centuries and seen often in ancient arts and crafts around the world. It ranges from all corners like the Indus Valley civilization, ancient Rome to the earthy African beaded jewelry and many more. Beads are an integral part of many an artist’s and designer’s repertoire and for good reason. They are one of the most easy and diverse decorative materials to work with. Whether you are a fledgling designer hoping to embark on an interesting journey of jewelry making or an established designer looking to diversify your work, odds are beads have featured among the more commonly used materials in your collections. 

Gone are the days of depending on a staid family jeweler for the latest accessories, mass produced and typical. These days it’s all about letting your personality and talent shine through the jewelry you make and wear. People are flocking more and more to websites and stores for specialty hand-made pieces that are striking and original. And beads have become the go-to material for creating stunning pieces of jewelry that are as original and vibrant as the designers themselves. They are often among the highest sellers too.

One of the best parts about working with these colourful objects is the sheer variety available. Whatever the aesthetic may be, you are sure to find beads suitable for the project. You can now work with beads in a range of materials like glass, wood, plastic and more like the now trendy natural material beads. For more glittery works, the variety of gemstone beads available is stunning. From pretty amethysts to mysterious jade, working with semi-precious and precious gemstones is easy with beads at your disposal. Faceted, hand blown, seeds, fused, textured or smooth, it’s a whole world of possibilities.   

How you mix and match your materials and the patterns will dictate how the end product turns out. To master the technique of working with beads, practice is key as is slowly strengthening your ability to play with different materials and colours, leading to some amazing results. Bead work earrings, necklaces and bracelets are all the rage and you will find a wealth of information on how to get started in creating your own designs. Different kinds of jewelry can be made using allied materials like thread, flexible wires, elastic threads and more. Start small and simple and yet beautiful; soon you will be able to move on to more complex designs showcasing a myriad of shapes and styles. Whether you aim to sell your jewelry or are looking to expand your hobby horizons, beads provide a world of colour, textures and potential just waiting to be tapped into.