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Almost all gemstone beads add value to the jewelry irrespective of their different shades. Sugilite beads are one such jewelry item which has been admired by people all over the world since they were discovered during 1975 at Wessel Mine in the Kalahari Desert in South Africa. Earlier in 1944, Ken-ici Sugi, a Japanese geologist discovered the first specimen of it at Iwagi Islet in Southwestern, Japan. At that time these were small yellow crystals, having no gem value. Again in 1955 dark pink color crystals were detected in India, but they too were found having no gem quality. But the real discovery of this gemstone was made in Kalahari Desert, when precious gems were uncovered from 3,200 feet below the surface.
Since then sugilite beads came into limelight and became popular with trade names “Royal Azel”, “Royal Lavulite”. This gemstone is often spelled as sugulite also by some people. Owing to the presence of lithium and manganese, this gemstone contains black matrix, yellowish and reddish brown mark.
There is no denying the fact that, sugilite beads have been considered as valued material since 1980s when these were marketed with the name of “royal lavulite”. But the sheer name of it evokes a feeling of rich lavender color. But it is a sort of mystery as to why some early sellers called this gemstone as “wesselite”, and how with the passage of time this gemstone acquired its marketing name?
A layman can easily recognize sugilite beads when they come across different hues like purple, magenta and pink in suzilite. But at times you may also come across this gemstone with shades of brown and an awesome grayish blue as well. Without any doubt this gemstone displays its translucent form. However, when you integrate sugilite beads with other gemstones you can just assure a stunning look. Just conjure the outcome of this gemstone in your mind when placed with Black Onyx as the center piece in a necklace, the result will be mind blowing.
You need only your third eye to know how this gemstone may look like when combined with different gemstones like Malachite, Turquoise, corals, spiny oyster etc., which instigate an exceptional jewelry item. Be it any pendant, necklace, earrings or rings they will definitely look marvelous when mingled with sugilite beads. In order to give them an unusual look these gemstones are cut, designed and displayed exceptionally. Besides South Africa, other places from where you can come across sugilite beads include Japan, India and Canada.

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Sugilite Beads Round 8mm. These Stabilized And dyed Sugilite Beads Holds Color For Extended Period . Sold On A 15-16 Inch Strand. Price Per Strand.

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