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Sterling Silver Stardust Beads
Sterling silver stardust beads provide a unique and modern bead choice for jewelry designers to incorporate into their unique hand-crafted items. The appeal of silver stardust beads is twofold; firstly they imbue a casual chic style to modern jewelry accessories, while offering a flexible design component when elegance is desired in jewelry articles. Whether they are matched with pearls or cut crystal, or used with pretty gold or silver chain, the stardust texture becomes the perfect blending element for creating seamless necklace and bracelet designs that “just work”.

Fortunately, when cost savings are important to jewelry fabricators, House of Gems offers wholesale silver stardust beads as one possible solution. Every jewelry crafter knows the value of spacer beads and sterling silver stardust spacer beads offer exceptional quality and value. Spacers are that necessary and defining element of a great necklace, bracelet, anklet, etc., which provides a professional finish to salable jewelry items.

A single stardust bead can be hung from a delicate chain for a popular look, or many sterling silver stardust spacers can be alternated between crackled glass beads, or wonderful Kyanite or Hypersthene stones, to stunning effect. Another fun and practical project is to make a new and funky watch band with tigertail and a special selection of metal and glass beads. A few crimp beads, some plastic coated wire, an assortment of metal beads, a watch face, and a pretty toggle clasp, is all it takes. Teenage girls will love this task, as they will learn to make their own designer bling to show their friends.

Masses of stardust beads can also be chained together on head pins, to form wonderful masses of cascading baubles, that flow gracefully around one's neck. Used singularly or in great volume, silver stardust beads have tremendous fashion impact. Custom designs with stardust beads also lend themselves well to wedding fashions, because the subdued elegance and timeless appeal of these lovely textured beads, look wonderful with dresses of charmeuse, organza, satin, silk and taffeta.

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