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Sterling Silver Corrugated Beads 
One of the great things about corrugated beads is their light weight. When used in conjunction with a variety of beads of heavier weight, such as stone or glass, corrugated beads have certain advantages over other types of metal beads. For instance, sterling silver corrugated beads can provide a wonderful framework for a great necklace or bracelet design, while offering a way to reduce the overall weight of the finished jewelry item. These metal beads are a fabulous choice when a necklace design could potentially create neck strain from the use of heavy glass or stone beads as the main components.

Aside from the bonus of corrugated beads being particularly light-weight, they also make very stylish spacer beads, especially in modern beadwork styles. These beads pair up nicely with many kinds of chain and also look very attractive with faceted iridescent glass, with pearls, and with stones such as onyx or hematite. Another plus, they are very quiet! When one desires to make jewelry designs that don't clank at the wrist or ring at the ears, sterling silver corrugated beads offer a great design solution.

Another fabulous thing about these silver beads, is that silver looks tremendous with a wide range of bead colors and textures. Corrugated metal is also perfect for making 1960's inspired designs and the beads are handy for repairing the jewelry of this sun-kissed era. When used as spacer beads in combination with blue ceramic beads, a credible facsimile of an Ancient Egyptian Faience necklace can also be created. Additionally, folded metal beads of this type, have a space-age flair, thanks to their highly reflective surfaces. When used as the only bead type in a design, folded metal beads are attractive and stylish on their own. There is no need to even use them in conjunction with other items of dissimilar color or texture at all. The donut metal spacer beads sourced at House of Gems may be just the item to allow you to create your own great jewelry styles of unique visual impact! See for yourself, our wholesale silver corrugated beads are the cat's meow!

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