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Jasper stone consists of different varieties of gemstones, the examples of which you can contemplate in different jewelry outlets. Every Jasper bead have diverse shapes and sizes and can be found incorporated in different jewelry items in an enormous style. Of the various varieties available, one of the stunning mixed jasper beads include Dalmation Jasper also identified as Dalmatian Stone. In reality this distinct variety of jasper belongs to quartz variety and you can identify this regalia with brown and black spots in it. The name of this mixed jasper bead variety goes to the miners who discovered it, they identified the black spots in it gave resemblance akin to the Dalmation dogs coat looked. Hence the gemstone got its name. Some facts indicate that the black spots on the jewel could be either Black Tourmaline or Dravite viz., Brown Tourmaine. This gemstone has an easy accessibility, that being said, you can easily come across various jewelry items made from the mixed jasper beads in the form of necklace, pendants etc. in various jewelry stores.

The creative jewelry crafters have gone one step further and have introduced attractive jewelry pieces with Dalmatian Jasper as the main gemstone. This precious stone was also integrated with other jasper beads like Black Obsidian Stone or Black Onyx and Black Tourmaline to come out with great necklaces, earrings, pendants etc.

A majority of this jewel stones contain shades of cream with black spots in it which boosts its beauty. A large amount of the precious stone in this category was obtained from Chihuahua, Mexico. The properties of this gemstone too are incredible as they can be easily polished and hence provide bright luster. Due to its flexible nature this semi-precious stone can be easily cut and converted into different shapes like t mixed beads, cabochons, spheres and carvings. Moreover, you can also see it as a tumbled stone also.

Due to its porous nature you can also easily dye it giving it different shapes. The dyed version of this gemstone has been available with the name Dyed Dalmatian stone beads which you can come across in different jewelry stores. Another creative angle which provides flexibility to this jewelry item is the white background in it. Jewelry crafters often manipulate the white background of this gem so as to provide different shades to it. This way brightly vivid mixed jasper beads gets its shape and their lustrous nature offer a higher sales pitch. No doubt all the jasper beads belong to microcrystalline variety but Dalmatian stone have been touted as much more interesting.

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Dalmation Jasper Rectangle Shape 13X18mm. Strand length 15-16 Inch. Price Per Strand.
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Dalmatian Jasper Beads Faceted Round 6mm. Strand Length 15-16 Inches. Price Per Strand.
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