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If "Necessity is the mother of Invention", innovation is definitely the child of invention. The need to beautify oneself with the help of precious and semi-precious stones and expensive metals had been an age-old tradition. Gold had always given all other metals the toughest competition in this field. However, as the gold price increases, it is gradually moving out of the common people’s reach. It is here when innovation plays a major role; making us mortals come up with the innovative art of creating gold-filled jewelry.

One of the most popular items of gold filled jewelry are the gold filled chains. The base metal of the chain is usually brass or copper (and at times, silver as well). This base metal is then placed between two pieces of gold and then heated to bind them together, before being run through a roller to thin it down. The surface layer of the gold-filled chain is about 100 times thicker than that of gold vermeil jewelry, which makes them long-lasting. Hence, gold-filled chains are considered as "lifetime jewelry" as well.

For a gold-filled chain to be legally stamped with the 'GF' marking, its weight must be at least 1/20th gold, which means that at least 5 percent of the piece has 12 karat gold. "1/20 12kt GF" and "1/20 14kt GF" are the most common stamps found on gold filled jewelry.

Not being as expensive as a pure gold chain, gold-filled chain easily fits into your pocket. At the same time, it is strikingly similar to pure gold jewelry, in terms of its appearance; look, feel and wear the two are almost indistinguishable. Gold filled chains also have the latest and the sleekest designs and wearing them definitely makes you appear to be a trendy and fashionable person. It does not cause skin-rashes and hence, can be used on a daily basis. It becomes a natural choice as a gift item, especially for people who have a limited budget. For example, teenagers wanting to gift their mothers a chain that would look classy, or people who have got their first job and want to gift something nice, yet within their budget, to their special ones or as Valentine day gifts.

Thus, gold filled chain is a great alternative to pure gold, in terms of both cost and quality, as a piece of jewelry that you want to wear daily, or as a gift to your dear ones, or simply as a style statement.