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SYMBOLS OF ENHANCEMENT : The symbols we use on the website are industry standard and recommended by American Gem Trade Association (AGTA).

ASBL – Assembled: Combination of one or more than one material bonded together.

B– Bleached: One or a combination of chemicals used to make a gemstone more transparent/polished or to remove inclusions.

C - Coating: A foreign material coated on the surface of the gemstone to improve color and appearance.

D – Dyed: To improve, enhance, or change the color of the gemstone by adding color to the gemstone.

E – Enhanced: It can be any process which alter the gemstone.

F– Filling: Filling is a process of injecting foreign materials into the gemstone.

H – Heating: Some stones are heated to alter the color.

G– Electron/ Gamma Irradiation: The use of electron rays to alter the gemstone color.

I- Infilling: Different materials are injected into gemstones to improve the hardness and durability of a gemstone.

IMIT – Imitation: Fabricated with artificial material to make appear like gemstones.

L– Lasering: Use of lasers to melt and remove the inclusions from the gemstone.

N – Natural: Gemstone which is natural or accepted as a natural stone by the jewelry industry.

O – Oiling: A very common process to enhance the color of gemstones by injecting the same color liquids into gemstone.

R – Irradiation: To alter the gemstone color using radioactive process.

S – Stabilization: A process used to strengthen the gemstone by adding a substance which raises the durability the stone.

SYN – Synthetic: Man-made material using different combinations.

U – Diffusion: A process used to enhance the color or appearance of the gemstone.

W – Waxing: Mostly used on the surface of the gemstone to improve apperance.