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Due to the variety of gold-filled findings available, it can be difficult for even experienced jewelry designers to select the perfect finding (“findings” is a very general term that refers to head pins, eye pins, fastenings, brooch and earring bases, etc.). However, choosing the right finding is important, because it is literally the finishing touch to many jewelry pieces.

The right finding can be the perfect enhancement or, unfortunately, can bring down the quality of the jewelry piece. For example, a simple, sleek finding can be the perfect ending to a modern piece, while on the other hand, the same plain, streamlined finding can be a disappointment on an elegant, intricate pearl necklace. Some jewelry pieces look prettier with a hidden closure, while others demand a clasp that is a featured part of the overall design. Here are a few notes about choosing the right findings for particular jewelry designs.
  • Gold-filled findings are an excellent choice for jewelry designers who want the look of real gold without the expensive price tag. Gold filled findings have a much thicker layer of gold than gold-plated findings, so they last for many years longer.
  • Jump rings are small rings; one use is to attach necklace fastenings; split rings are small findings that look similar to key rings.
  • Eye pin and headpin findings differ from one another in that eye pins have a loop at one end. Use 24 gauge eye pin and headpin findings for beads with small holes and for pearls.
  • Gold-filled plain toggle clasp findings are two-piece findings; one piece is circular and the other is a bar that fits through the open loop. These findings are available in a variety of sizes and in many finishes, such as hammered or braided gold. Some have charms, such as hearts, attached to the ring. They are popular because of their attractive appearance and also because they are relatively easy for the wearer to clasp. They can be used for necklaces, bracelets, and anklets.
  • Button clasp findings hold two to three strands are offer a very elegant appearance when gold-filled because they are often filigreed (cut to have a lacy appearance). Gold-filled button clasp findings look wonderful on vintage-style pieces and with vibrant gemstones, such as garnets.
  • Gold-filled box clasps (rectangle- or square-shaped) hold up to seven strands, depending on their shape and size. They are also typically filigreed and are meant to be seen.


Selecting the perfect jewelry findings isn’t always easy, but the choice is worth careful consideration to add the right touch to a finished piece of craftsmanship.