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Cherry quartz beads are yet another category of gemstones which are said to be manmade and don’t come from nature. You would be wondering that after researching a lot you were unable to find much information about this ornament which has been in use for quite some time in earrings, pendants and necklaces. Various available facts states, initially Chinese had introduced the attractive designs by mixing clear glass along with swirls of deep pink to create Cherry Quartz beads.

Thus this treated gemstone often takes its shape from the melted glass which when combined together along with various coloring agents come out with swirling inclusions or needles. After this dispensation the glass has to be cut and polished when it cools down and turned into a manmade gemstone. But in no way you will ever find this quartz item in natural category of gems. In fact while creating this quartz piece you won’t come across a dyed object in this group, because when pigment is used it often washed off. So instead while creating this item, these are mixed with metal oxides so as to come out with a stable shade. When you glance at any of the jewelry items made from this ornament, with a powerful magnifying glass, you could notice various imperfect color splotches. Through these splotches strawberry color is formed and further processing provides it a shade of cherry.
When you look around you will come across different variety of cherry and strawberry shades jewelry items like pendants, earrings, rings and necklace. They are intermixed in such a way that they give an unusual or distinctive shape so that it could start a new trend in the market.

Sometime, you will be surprised to find the treated gem resembles with the natural precious stone. As sometime you will get confused to see cherry quartz beads while seeing Tucson.

You can easily differentiate between different ornaments and can also tell the material used to form them, like you can tell whether a particular crystal has been composed of a glass, stone or quartz.

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16 Inch strand of Heated Cherry Quartz beads(Real Stone) faceted round shape bead is approximately 10mm.
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$75.80 $68.91 $65.63 $62.50   As low as  $62.50 Per Strand
16 Inch strand of Heated Cherry Quartz beads (real stone) faceted round shape beads approximately 12mm.
Minimum quantity to add this item to cart is 1
In stock! Order now!
1 - 9 10 - 19 20 - 49 50 +   Mix and Match Prices
$78.22 $71.11 $67.73 $64.50   As low as  $64.50 Per Strand