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Of the various varieties available African Poppy Jasper beads have a special role to play in fulfilling the needs of the jewelry admirers. This item has also been available with the name of leopard jasper. That being said, with this variety of Jasper, natives have been able to get a new variety of multicolored, spotted or striped opaque gemstone.
All of the African Poppy Jasper beads, which usually come from Northern Cape Province of South Africa include patches which resemble as an eye, include different colors. But if you happen to come across poppy jasper beads of brick red having shades/bands of brown or black, this means they belong to Spain and California.  Sometime this masterpiece contains hue of golden yellows, white and cream as well.

If embedded in pendant or necklaces African Poppy Jasper beads, the reddish variation of brecciated jasper display a sense of wholeness and complete satisfaction to its wearer. Like other Jasper ornaments, this awesome jewelry item when included with supplementary gemstones in a necklace display remarkable results. For example, while using this semi-precious stone in a necklace containing aquamarine drop which are draped with sterling silver wire the necklace looks a complete work.

Moreover, another work containing this masterpiece if embedded in a long necklace leaves a rare impression in the minds of people. Like, after looking at this set one can make an impression that multi-colored poppies are blooming like anything.

In reality almost all Jasper gems are an outcome of ornamental rock which contains components like Chalcedoney and microcrystalline quartz besides other minerals. It is due to this fact that gemstone gets variety of shades, bands and different patterns. For a long time in history this masterpiece has remained popular with Greek, Persian, Hebrew, Assyrian and Latin. As there are lots of designs available in vide variety of Jasper gemstones, so it is no mystery that you may get different gorgeous designs containing different jasper beads including African Poppy Jasper in the form of Cabs, Beads and Drope.

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Natural African Poppy Jasper beads, smooth rectangle shape bead, approximately 30mm wide and 40mm long.Sold by piece.
Jasper is found in various shades of green, white, yellow and brown. Natural African poppy jasper beads, smooth rectangle shape would make a wonderful pendant when encrusted in silver sterling.

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