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There are interesting anecdotes which relate to the discovery of gems and how they were acquired. These tales were gathered from tales retold by the travelers about their travels and travails. One such is recounted below-a tale of the diamond. Diamonds have been an age old statement of power and wealth. They have always been cherished and valued.

In the regions of lofty mountains and deep gorges and valleys, diamonds were found in abundance in them and in the beds of the torrents. When the rains stopped and the streams from the mountain side stopped flowing, attempts were made to retrieve the diamonds from the beds and from the valley below.

The valleys were infested with venomous snakes making it difficult for men attempting to reach for the diamonds. Pieces of flesh with blood on it were thrown in, to attract the snakes. The diamonds get embedded in the flesh, which was eaten by the snake. The eagles above, which happened to catch the sight of the moving snakes below pounced upon them and made them their prey.

Diamonds were found in the collected from the droppings of the eagles. Sometimes they were found in the nests of the eagles and some were found among the carcass of the birds and snakes.

The earliest record of diamond history belongs to 3000 years ago in India, where these stones were first discovered for their property to refract light.

Interestingly, this tale is from the Travels of Marco Polo and the region he talks about in this tale is India.